Unbreakable Wedding Etiquette Rules

Breaking wedding etiquette rules could haunt your relationships for generations. You can count on your story circulating from grandparents to their grandchildren.

Always RSVP

Couples plan their entire day around their guest count, so unexpected guests are out. Send RSVPs as soon as feasible. Few things annoy a couple more than missing guests. If you commit, you must show up or face death. Don’t forget to sign the RSVP card! Couples receive so many blank cards that they have no idea who just RSVP’d!

Dress code

The bride’s instructions seem to be the most effective dress regulation. Most couples specify the dress code on wedding invites, so attendees should respect their requests. Experts agree on one wedding guest etiquette rule: never wear white! The bride should wear white for all wedding-related events, including bridal showers and engagement parties, bachelorette parties, and bridesmaid brunches. Never wear white to a wedding unless required as part of a ceremony.

Plus one

Weddings are costly, and those attending are selected to be there for a reason. Wedding planners may allow for one guest plus one as long as the RSVP is sent quickly. However, guests plus the whole tribe are not cool.

If the invitation isn’t for you and a guest, expect to go alone.


Unless the couple has specifically requested otherwise, guests must bring a present to a wedding. There are wedding gift etiquette rules for both giving and receiving gifts.

Instead of putting the wedding registry information on your invitation, place a link to your wedding website.

Give from the heart. If your gift is so expensive for your budget that it breaks your heart, it is not worth it to you or the newlywed.

Vibrations carry through gifts.

Wedding Photographer Trumps Guests

The couple to be wed have gone through unimaginable lengths to select their photographers. They are counting on the most memorable photos to come from her.

Do you want to compete with her or block her shots?

Leave Criticism Out

It is unlikely that you love everything about every wedding that you attend. Grumbling about things you don’t like or would change if your wedding is a colossal etiquette faux pas.

Even if you think you’re out of earshot, you never know who’s listening.

Big News Is Bad News

The idea of a guest making a big announcement during another couple’s wedding has become a meme. Don’t propose, get engaged, get pregnant, or make other significant life announcements during someone else’s wedding.

Stay Safe

Everyone wants to have fun at a wedding, but not understanding your drinking restrictions can get you in trouble. Let the valet handle the car and focus on the wedding. It is a joyous occasion. We strongly suggest all guests stay overnight.