Five Benefits of Flexibility

Five Benefits of Flexibility

In our search to lose weight or improve cardiovascular fitness we commit to aerobic exercises. To build muscle tissue and strength we explore the depths of resistance training.

However, most people, regardless of their level of fitness ignore flexibility as a necessary part of a fitness training program.

Did you know that flexibility training could help you in five different ways?

  1. Greater freedom of movement and improved static postures
  2. Your ability to mentally and physically relax.
  3. Muscle tension relief including painful trigger points
  4. Help you recover faster from a workout
  5. Done correctly help you reduce the risks of injury

We all have different levels of flexibility based on genetic factors, gender, body shape, age and our activities. Whatever your starting point is in flexibility, you should know two things.

The first is that aging makes your body stiffer and less flexible. The second is that like your cardiovascular condition and strength, you can also improve your flexibility with practice.