Any exercise to be effective must have a focus and serve a purpose. Pain usually focuses the attention and stretching exercises that help you feel relief serve an immediate purpose. Below are ¬†yoga stretching exercises to helps you relieve back pain. Remember to always consult your physician before you start an exercise program. Back pain… Read Article →

Five Benefits of Flexibility In our search to lose weight or improve cardiovascular fitness we commit to aerobic exercises. To build muscle tissue and strength we explore the depths of resistance training. However, most people, regardless of their level of fitness ignore flexibility as a necessary part of a fitness training program. Did you know… Read Article →

Definition of flexibility to be productive must be restricted to the goal you have. That statement may seem contradictory. Think about flexibility as a fluid like water. For you to drink the water, or use it for cleaning or irrigation, you must carry it within a container that is usually rigid. Without the rigid container… Read Article →

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